Is This All There Is?


“Great Things are done by a Series of Small Things Brought Together”

My first job was at Donna Karan New York. I spent the next five years working on developing beauty products, marketing hosiery, shoes, handbags, and was involved in creating multi-million dollar advertising campaigns featuring the likes of Isabella Rosselini, Linda Evangelista, and Iman. It was amazing. I loved it. I also stopped recycling and I started spending. For five years straight, I think that I probably spent every extra nickel on fashion, and then some. I blew through money like a house on fire. For the next six years, I went on to other great companies, and other great jobs—Vanity Fair Magazine, Martha Stewart Living—and I was successful at what I did. I truly got a great deal of satisfaction out of my career successes. But at some point it wasn’t enough anymore. I wanted my life to be more. I wanted to be more.

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